Adaptability is (y)our superpower.

Figure 8 approaches off-premises operations with a holistic perspective and an understanding of the importance of efficiently delivering your brand to every guest. Therefore, our services are designed to help unlock growth opportunities. Typically our services fall within 3 categories: Strategic Consulting, Systems Optimization, and Innovation Projects. 

Strategic Consulting

Figure 8 will be a thought partner to your team, providing decision support on emerging innovation, best practices, and business insights.

  • Marketplace Approach
  • Tech Stack Review
  • In-Store Experience
  • Performance Marketing

Systems Optimization

Figure 8 will provide an initial audit and recommendations to optimize your off-premises platforms to ensure they provide an experience worthy of the brand and smooth daily operations.

  • Menu Engineering
  • Loyalty Rollout
  • Review Management
  • Help Desk

Innovation Projects

Figure 8 will lead innovation projects and new channel development your business needs to scale and succeed.

  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Channel Development
  • Hybrid Delivery
  • Order Fulfillment