Accelerating sustainable food businesses

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Accelerating sustainable food businesses

Figure 8 empowers restaurants and other food-related ventures to deliver their ideal dining experience, every time.
As pioneers in sustainable food delivery, our team of hospitality and logistics experts
integrate systems that sustain your business and our planet.

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951: Scott Landers Co-Founder And Sustainability Engineer Of Figure 8 Logistics

Today’s guest, Scott Landers, is the founder of Figure 8 Logistics, a consulting firm that specializes in delivery for the restaurant industry. Prior to figure 8 Logistics Landers was a civil engineer

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These Days, Even a Michelin Star Chef Has to Sell Takeout

Many restaurants had been planning for a future in which delivery made up a sizable share of their business. They just didn’t expect that moment to arrive right now.

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Meet the Underground Power Brokers of NYC Dining: Restaurant Consultants

From multi-million dollar dealmaking to recruiting candidates for the food world’s top jobs, these are the behind-the-scenes players who distribute power itself in the dining scene.

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Jobs for the City of Tomorrow

As urban areas expand and evolve, new professions will be needed, from vertical gardeners to charging-station valets.

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How to Grow & Diversify Online Ordering

Learn from the experts at BentoBox and Figure 8 on how to optimize orders and drive effective revenue for financial sustainability.

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