The three elements of system design and how they can create online hospitality.

Vol. 14 – February 2021

Figure 8 Update

Good evening from the team at Figure 8!

Off-premises orders start online. Welcome your guests with a thoughtful online ordering experience and menu that reflect your brand.

In this month’s newsletter, we highlight the three elements of system design and how they can create online hospitality.

ANALYSIS: The Elements

DESIGN: Online Hospitality

PRESS: Restaurant Unstoppable

Analysis: The Elements

Humans, Hardware, and Software are the elements of system design that blend to form an online ordering experience.

Humans: The key element is your guest. Design your marketplace with the same service that guests receive dining-in. Which wine pairs with the entrée?

Hardware: Laptops and cell phones are where most orders are placed. Test your online experience on both devices to ensure ordering is frictionless.

Software: Work with your online ordering provider to build an experience that has the modern features guests expect, while reflecting your restaurant’s brand.

Art by Tessa York

Design: Online Hospitality

For guests dining off-premises, the food delivery experience starts with online ordering. Creating a branded and well-designed menu is a core part of adding remote elements of hospitality to the experience.

We put together examples of do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when building a hospitality-focused online ordering experience.

Press: Restaurant Unstoppable

Last week, Figure 8 co-founder and systems engineer Scott Landers joined Eric Cacciatore on Episode #777 of Restaurant Unstoppable.

During a live workshop with restaurant operators, Scott discusses creating online hospitality solutions and how the elements of system design come together to create native delivery experiences.