Three types of logistics and how they work for your delivery.

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Vol. 20 – August 2021

Want to run the smoothest native food delivery possible? Get to know these three types of logistics solutions: In-house. Co-ops. and Third Party. They’re the reigning gold standard in meal transport and make delivery possible for all. Any restaurant business can thrive when operating under one of these distinct types of logistics. Take your seat at the table and figure out which one is best for your grub.

NYCHG Webinar

In New York alone, almost one billion takeout containers are thrown away every year. To reduce this waste and move towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly way of operating, restaurants & hospitality partners are looking for innovative, operator & consumer-friendly ways to close the loop on the delivery cycle.

Check out our conversation, ‘Circular Logic: An Eco-Friendly Approach to Delivery’ with DeliverZero co-founder, Lauren Sweeney, Just Salad Chief Sustainability Officer, Sandra Noonan, and our Technology Strategist Paige Woodward, moderated by Scott Landers, our Co-Founder.

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