Kitchens designed to deliver

Vol. 18 – June 2021

Figure 8 Update
As restaurants adapt to delivery, kitchen space, operations, and traffic flow can be optimized to support both delivery and dine-in. In this update, we explore the on-premises side of off-premises.
Sloane Sarmanian

Analysis: Dine-In v. Delivery Operations

Restaurants are finding creative ways to reconfigure their on-site operations to fulfill off-site orders.  

By implementing small changes that streamline on-site logistics, operators can support growing demand for pick-up and delivery while maintaining a smooth dine-in experience.

The secret to success is creating dedicated areas in the restaurant for each channel so that there is a continuous flow of guest traffic without any bottlenecks.

Design: Building a Dual Kitchen

From layout to food prep to foot traffic, designing a kitchen for both dine-in and delivery operations can be a challenge. To support this “dual kitchen” model, we put together a guide on three essential areas to update when building delivery into your restaurant: 

1. Space

2. Operations

3. Traffic

Press: Delivering the Dine-In Experience

We spoke with the Wall Street Journal about the future of cities and jobs of tomorrow.

“What about the customers who miss the candlelit, cloth-covered table and the server who knows their names? ‘That hasn’t been reflected in the delivery experience yet,’ says Scott Landers, co-founder of New York-based restaurant consulting firm Figure 8 Logistics.”


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The Reusable Future Is Now

Read about what it means for a restaurant to close the loop and steps you can take to move toward reusables.

Reusables with DeliverZero and Just Salad

Hold your calendar on Thursday, July 22nd at 10am for a conversation about closing the loop on delivery packaging with DeliverZero co-founder, Lauren Sweeney, and Just Salad Chief Sustainability Officer, Sandra Noonan.