Designing Your Menu

Food delivery nowadays starts with online ordering. Creating a branded and well-designed menu is the first step of designing hospitality into your delivery experience.

To ensure guest satisfaction and a frictionless ordering experience, use these three pillars in your menu design.

1. Visual Appeal

Start with a visually appealing layout to properly represent your brand and entice guests to your food.

The menu at Belgo showcases a “controlled-chaos aesthetic”, which allows restaurants to maintain a well designed menu without streamlining items.

Consistent text hierarchy, color blocking, minimal visual details, and a grid layout make it easy for eyes to travel through the menu without getting distracted.


2. Transparency

Increase guest trust with through menu transparency. Provide key information to support ordering decisions, such as ingredients, allergens, dietary restrictions, and notable suppliers.

Naked Farmer’s online menu displays clear menu sections, informative descriptions, and high quality images of what to expect.

Naked Farmer

3. Consistency

Maintain consistency with your dine-in menu, other than delivery-specific or dine-in only items. This provides ease of navigation for your guests to recognize their favorites.

Keep item descriptions consistent, using similar language, length, and format.

Village Taverna’s menu is an example of clear menu structure showing consistency in item descriptions, text hierarchy, layout, spacing, and visual details.

Village Taverna