Delivery Zone Toolkit

Two of the most important factors in food delivery are temperature and time.
Drawing the right zone is key to ensuring orders are delivered on temp and on time, every time.

Below is a quick guide to some useful tools to help you set and refine your delivery zones.

Zones by Radius:
Draw a Circle

  • Some delivery platforms draw zones based on a set distance from the restaurant.
  • This tool draws a circle zone given an address and radius.

Zones by Time:
TravelTime Maps

  • Food quality is determined by how long the meal took to travel from the kitchen to the guest.
  • This tool draws a time zone given an address, travel time, and transportation method.

Zone Edge Cases:
Google Maps

  • Always check the zone edge to ensure there are no delivery traps to cause longer than expected travel time.
  • This tool calculates the travel time and distance given two addresses and a transportation method.


  • Ensure the delivery provider covers 100% of the zone
  • Watch out for water – rivers and bridges can limit a zone
  • Start with a small zone, demonstrate success, then extend


  • 30 minute delivery = 10′ prep + 10′ handoff + 10′ travel
  • Faster prep and handoff allows longer travel, up to 15 minutes
  • Use a 15 minute window for delivery estimates. E.g. 30-45 minutes