Closing the loop to build more sustainable, efficient systems for food delivery and beyond.

Vol. 10 – October 2020

Figure 8 Update

Sloane Sarmanian

Good morning from the team at Figure 8!

Single-use → Recyclable → Compostable → Reusable

The switch from open loop to closed loop systems can make delivery forever sustainable. This transition will require a significant upfront investment, but will make delivery less expensive for restaurants in the long-run.

The Figure 8 philosophy is grounded in “closing the loop” to build more sustainable, efficient systems for food delivery and beyond.

ANALYSIS: Landfill Never

DESIGN: Sustainable Switch

PRESS: Beyond Delivery

New York City Hospitality Group

Analysis: Landfill Never

We believe in building food delivery systems that eliminate waste from point A to B and back. What’s good for the guest is good for the restaurant is good for the planet. In our closed loop philosophy, restaurants move from single-use to reusable packaging — from landfill forever to landfill never.

Design: Sustainable Switch

Single-use items and excessive packaging are major contributors to landfills. As the broker between the producer and end consumer, restaurants can leverage their purchasing power to support sustainable packaging materials. We created a guide with basic steps to make the switch to sustainable.

Press: Beyond Delivery

Most restaurants don’t manage their own logistics and need to outsource this to a specialized delivery provider. Partnering with the right last mile service company is essential to maximizing revenue and minimizing the challenges inherent in logistics. Figure 8 co-founder Scott Landers spoke for a panel on last-mile logistics as part of a series hosted by NYCHG.