Cater to the crowd — ready for group ordering?

Vol. 26 – April 2022

Figure 8 Update

3 Tech Solutions For Catering

More folks are comfortably gathering. Hungry crowds are back. And group orders are on the rise. According to Business Wire, group orders are expected to grow to $187 billion between 2020-2024. What does this mean for you? Well, it’s time to make sure your catering logistics is ready to serve the united masses.

Our latest resource outlines a range of available catering tech solutions— from third-party marketplaces to first-party online ordering platforms. Take a look to find the right solution for you.

Food Delivery Terms, Defined:

Last-Mile logistics: The movement of people and goods from the transportation hub (i.e. restaurant) to a final destination (i.e. the guest). This is the last leg of a product’s journey.

Group Ordering: The act of multiple guests place their individual items to a larger, collective order, which is then delivered to one location.

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