Building Bundles

A bundle is defined as two or more menu items offered together. Thoughtfully curated bundles can be a restaurant’s secret sauce to increasing check size, profits, and guest satisfaction.

To practice the art of bundling, start with these three steps:

1. Identify the Experience

Building the bundle starts with having a guest experience in mind — a chef’s recommendation, pre-fixe menu, date night, or family meal.

These bundles are opportunities to bring elements of your restaurant online and directly to your guests.

Crave Fishbar

2. Curate Menu Items

Start building your bundle with an item that’s a crowd favorite. One that is simple to prepare and has a high profit margin.

Then, add a drink, dessert, or complimentary menu items. This is an opportunity to suggest sides and unique beverage pairings. In doing so, you’ll add an element of hospitality to your online ordering experience and encourage guests to discover new combinations.


3. Bundle Pricing

Determining the right price point for your bundle is critical. The goal is to balance value with profit.

There are two common strategies for pricing bundles.

  1. Convenience — Build a unique set of items that guests can buy in one-click. The convenience is what counts, and no discount needed.
  2. Value — For commonly ordered item pairs, or when serving large groups, it may make sense to include a slight discount (<10%) in these bundles to promote higher overall check size.

Off the Bone Barbeque