Building Bundles

“Vol. 15 – March 2021”

Figure 8 Update
👋Good evening! In this Update we unbox the benefits of bundles, and how they bring branded experiences from the chef’s kitchen to the guest’s table. We’re also excited to share some additions to the Update this month. We’ve launched our new podcast, featured below, and added a Resources section toward the bottom. Enjoy!


Introducing Analogues, a new podcast by the team at Figure 8, where we explore the space between things, connecting ideas through the lens of logistics — always in 8 minutes or less. Episode 1 – History of Delivery Episode 2 – How Food Moves
Art by Sloane Sarmanian

Analysis: Benefits of Bundles

Bundles offer more than a great deal, they’re an experience that can elevate your brand and improve your efficiency.

1. Brand Curation
Bundling allows you to showcase your brand and create experiences that bring a touch of hospitality to the online ordering experience.

2. Kitchen Efficiency
The perfect bundle features items that are quick to prepare and have a balanced food cost. As more guests order bundles, the kitchen will become even more efficient.

Design: How-to Build Bundles

A bundle is defined as two or more menu items offered together. Thoughtfully curated bundles can be a restaurant’s secret sauce to increasing check size, profits, and guest satisfaction.

To practice the art of bundling, we created a guide with three simple steps:

1. Identify the Experience
2. Curate Menu Items
3. Bundle Pricing

Press: Restaurant Unstoppable

Our client, Black and Mobile, was recently interviewed by Food on Demand News, discussing their plans for supporting hundreds of Black-owned restaurants through delivery. “The company recently began working with a Black-owned development company, as well as Figure 8 Logistics, to plot its next moves, in terms of geography, human capital and infrastructure.” — Food on Demand