Anthony Cardenas, owner of Prime Tacos, shares how PepsiCo’s Hispanic Digital & Delivery program helped boost his business

The history of Prime Tacos

How did Prime Tacos start?

It started with just me and my brother cooking out of the garage. He lost his job. I wasn’t getting many hours. I just needed to cook to survive and feeding people was the only way we knew how to do it.

How was your experience with Hispanic Digital & Delivery program?

It was so comfortable, you all guided me in the right direction. Everyone was very helpful and answered my questions.

There was a whole learning experience. The team was very patient and explained the different topics very well.

Tell me something that you didn’t know before you participated in the program?

Now I know how to do it – how to make it easier for people to buy from their phone, to be able to reach people sitting at home like that. That was the main kicker.

People don’t want to have to get up to buy food. Now after the program, they can pick up the phone and order directly to buy my products. I am able to share links and they’re clicking and customers are buying food.

How would you say your business has changed after you completed the program?

I would say it helped a lot. I always had a problem with long lines, and not being able to get to every customer. With Chicago being so cold, [being able to] use the website you all created for us has made it so easy for people to just place orders on our website and go directly to ‘order now’ and pick anything that they want. You helped us create a totally different experience, create giveaways, a photoshoot to showcase our brand better, and our online ordering.

What would you like to say if you had the opportunity to talk to you know other Hispanic business owners?

It’s definitely worth it. I suggest you do it. It teaches the Latinos to be more digitally fluent; it’s a way for them to reach other people, and it works for sure.

What would you like to tell the PepsiCo Juntos Crecemos team?

Very appreciative for opening new doors for me. By making my company better, more real, you all really helped me get on the scene in Chicago and established myself as a business. Without your advice, I wouldn’t have been able to do that with the online presence and everything you all did for us. You guided me in the right direction. It was definitely an experience I would love to do again.