Partner and Prosper: 7 Tips for Working With Influencers

Vol. 26 – July 2022

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You’re operating in a digital-forward world where social media is a super effective promotional tool for so many food ventures. One way to maximize social media’s marketing power is by partnering with influencers and tapping into their large, captured audiences. This resource explains what to do and what to avoid in this partnership in order to experience quick, even dramatic, results — e.g. more exposure, surge in sales — while staying true to your brand.

Why Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is the new word-of-mouth for restaurants and most eateries are adopting the marketing tool as it continues to become the norm in the food space. Why does it attract huge audiences? What’s in the sauce? Simply put, influencers who focus on food content — best cuisine, off-the-beaten-path spots — often have large numbers of attentive, food-enthusiast followers. Here’s how to experience the benefit of influencer marketing, so you can use it to come out on top.

Hear from our clients

Colette Beanie of Colette’s Cafe on her experience with influencer Danny Kim from @eatthecapital.

“We’ve seen a 59% increase in total sales [over the last 2 weeks]…The video is great and the response is incredible. There are no words to describe how incredibly grateful we are!” 

7 Things To Consider When Partnering With an Influencer:

1. Pay attention to audience, tone of voice and style

You want to be sure the influencer you’re working with is authentic and complements your brand.

2. Focus on local partnerships

Since you want to draw new guests to your physical location and/or boost online orders, make sure the influencer you choose is local. Most likely the majority, if not all, of their followers are local, too. 

3. Micro influencers are just as powerful!

Micro influencers have less followers but provide a more tapped-in experience and can drive results that are just as strong as those of macro influencers.

4. Build relationships with influencers

Stay in touch with influencers you partner with as they may be open to promoting your restaurant post post. Maintaining the connection is important.

5. Measure the effectiveness

Is the partnership paying off? Track the results. Take note of how engaged your influencer is. See if the amount of views, likes, and comments match up to the number of followers they have. You’re aiming for high engagement.

6. Be clear about goals and what you’re looking to gain

If you have a specific vision in mind, tell your influencer. If you’re open to their creative agency, let them know. If you want a specific menu item highlighted, note that too.

7. Ask for rates up front

While some influencers are open to promoting restaurants across their social media in exchange for a free meal or just out of good will, many will ask to be compensated. Ask influencers what their rates are and be specific with what type of post you are looking for (ex. reel vs. static, Instagram vs. TikTok, multiple social media channels, etc.).

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